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Gourmet Girl Graffiti

Gourmet Girl Graffiti

Koufuku Graffiti

24 min. per ep.

Status: Ep 12/12

Latest episode: 121110

Type: TV

Season: Winter 2015

Genres: Comedy, Seinen, Slice of Life

Studios: Shaft

4.72/ 5 3 votes
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Although Ryou Machiko is still only in middle school, both of her parents work overseas and her beloved grandmother recently passed away, so she lives in a big apartment all by herself. To keep herself occupied in that big empty space, Ryou practices her cooking, something that she thought she excelled at… but nothing ever seems quite right anymore. There’s something missing, but what could it be?

The answer unexpectedly arrives with her runaway cousin Kirin, who’s looking for a place to stay while she attends cram school. Much to Ryou’s surprise, her cooking seems to improve when they eat together! Food, it turns out, always seems tastier when it’s made for and shared with people you care about, and things only get more appetizing when Ryou’s friend Shiina joins in the culinary adventures!

(Source: Sentai Filmworks)

Alternative Titles: Koufuku Graffiti, Happy Cooking Graffiti, 幸腹グラフィティ

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