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Lychee Light Club

Lychee Light Club

Litchi DE Hikari Club

3 min. per ep.

Status: Ep 8/8

Latest episode: 080706

Type: TV

Season: Fall 2012

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Horror, Psychological, Romance

Studios: Kachidoki Studio

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The cramped town of Keiko-cho is stained black with factory exhaust and oil. Late one night, a piercing whistle echoes from some ruins in a seemingly empty corner of the town, accompanied by the eerie echoes of harsh words spoken in German. The sounds come from a group of nine boys dressed in the starched collars and caps of high school uniforms. There in the darkness stands a secret base built by these nine boys under the leadership of Zera, the “king of the ruins,” known as the Light Club.

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Alternative Titles: Litchi DE Hikari Club, Litchi☆Hikari Club, Raichi Hikari Club, ライチ DE 光クラブ

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