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Master of Martial Hearts

Master of Martial Hearts

Zettai Shougeki: Platonic Heart

30 min. per ep.

Status: Ep 5/5

Latest episode: 050403

Type: OVA

Season: Fall 2008

Genres: Action, Ecchi, Martial Arts

Studios: Arms

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Wakanim SE English Unknown

Aya’s life takes a sadistic turn when she enters a girl-on-girl martial arts tournament. She’s out to prove she can take a pounding as well as the other knock-outs in this clandestine competition, and if she survives a series of fabric-shredding fights with titillating teachers, sultry stewardesses, and moe maidens, Aya’s wish will be granted by a mysterious jewel known as the Platonic Heart.

Alternative Titles: Zettai Shougeki: Platonic Heart, Zettai Shogeki, 絶対衝激~プラトニックハート~

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