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Tamayura Hitotose

Tamayura Hitotose


24 min. per ep.

Status: Ep 24/24

Latest episode: 242322

Type: TV

Season: Fall 2011

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life

Studios: TYO Animations

4.98/ 5 2 votes
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As a little girl, Fuu Sawatari’s father taught her to love photography. They took pictures everywhere they went. But after he passed away, seeing those photographs only served as a reminder of her loss, so she locked them away to be forgotten. Years later, her brother Kou finds their father’s picture album, and as he flips through its pages, the pictures remind Fuu of all the happy memories of her father that she will carry with her forever.

Now, as the shy Fuu enters her first year of high school, she once again takes up her father’s old camera, determined to take wonderful pictures that will bring joy and happiness to others.

(Source: Nozomi Entertainment)

Alternative Titles: たまゆら~hitotose~, Tamayura: Hitotose – Attakai Kaze no Omoide, Nanode (Ep 5.5), Tamayura: More Aggressive (SS2), Tamayura: More Aggressive – Tsuitachi dake no Shuugakuryokou, Nanode (Ep 20.5)
Include: Tamayura OVA (2010) and 4 Movies: Tamayura: Sotsugyou Shashin

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