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The Tatami Time Machine Blues

The Tatami Time Machine Blues

Yojouhan Time Machine Blues

30 min. per ep.

Status: Ep 3/6

Latest episode: 030201

Type: ONA

Season: Summer 2022

Genres: Comedy, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Sci-Fi

Studios: Science SARU

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Prequel: The Tatami Galaxy

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The story of Tatami Time Machine Blues is set during a sweltering midsummer day when Ozu, the protagonist’s “terrible friend,” accidentally drowns the only remote control for the air conditioning unit in their apartment. While they discuss their predicament with Akashi, the protagonist’s raven-haired love interest, a sloppily-dressed time-traveling student arrives from 25 years in the future, prompting the protagonist to borrow his time machine in an effort to snatch the remote control from the past before it breaks.

Alternative Titles: Yojouhan Time Machine Blues, Tatami Time Machine Blues, 四畳半タイムマシンブルース

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