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You and Me.

You and Me.

Kimi to Boku.

24 min. per ep.

Status: Ep 26/26

Latest episode: 262524

Type: TV

Season: Fall 2011

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Shounen, Slice of Life

Studios: J.C.Staff

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Friends since kindergarten and seemingly like blood brothers, You and Me follows the lives of Yuta and Yuki Asaba, Shun Matsuokan and Kaname Tsukahara; as well as transfer student Chizuru Tachibana who joins the circle of friends. Together we will watch as they laugh, dance, cry and share the memories of growing up together in everyday life.

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Alternative Titles: Kimi to Boku., Kimi to Boku., 君と僕。

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